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Honeymoon breakfast in Swansea

Eat. Taste. Love

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”

After getting married last week in London I run out of the city for a few days to wonderful Swansea ( about 4 hours’ drive). In our first morning there, we decided not to eat at the hotel. Instead we got dressed and went out to walk around the city, looking for a place to have the much needed morning coffee.  We said we should start the day with a rich breakfast. But I also fancied something different, something sweet 🙂 as I remembered the trip to Paris, where breakfast was not complete without croissant – just pick your favorite: with butter, with jam, with chocolate.

As things stood, we ran into a small local coffee shop and decided to go inside. It is a place that serves Hallal food ( as my significant other is Muslim) with reasonably priced food & beverage. But there were no croissants for me inside, only freshly made muffins. Well, will have to do just fain.

I looked at the menu, could not decide and eventually sent my husband to order: and a latte as well, please’’ I added. He went to the counter to order because here the waiters come to the table only to bring the food .While he was doing so, I looked around. The place was clean, welcoming and the other two tables were busy on a Wednesday morning around ten. Since my husband was taking his time, I could not help it not to take some photos.

ole1Finally he came back. Two minutes after that the sweet treat arrived. He ordered scones with butter and strawberry jam and clotted cream. Delicious! It made me forget all about the French croissants.

Shortly, we were served a traditionally English breakfast .The good and interesting part about it was the beef Hallal sausage. For the first time he had a full English breakfast and truly enjoyed it. The food was freshly prepared and tasty.

I forgot to mention, the place is called Cafe Ole: friendly staff, clean place and most important for us – with Hallal food. So if you are ever in Swansea, do pay them a visit. I know we will go back again!

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