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My magic city – Istanbul

Must SEE

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There I have said it. There is no way around it. When it comes to this city the best way to find magic is when dawn approaches. And if you know where to be when sunset arrives than the whole world changes and you’ll fell under its spell forever.

So here are 3 of the best ways to enjoy Istanbul’s fantastic scenery:

  1. Galata bridge over the Golden Horn and its restaurants

Nearby the Spice Bazaar as I make my way towards the river bank I start watching the clock. It’s an old habit of mine to catch the sunset over each new city I am visiting. Moreover since the weight of the camera around the neck reminds me of how capturing a perfect moment brings smiles on your life for years to come. Galata Bridge is filed with bypassers, local fishermen and tourists. On the side, there are stairs leading to the restaurants below. Before I start looking for a table with a view I just stop at the fresh fish boats restaurants that are anchored nearby. Their colored lights cast playful shadows on the water. All around, the noise of people grabbing something for dinner makes me dizzy. So I squeeze my way and sit in row. The air is filled with the smell of grilled fish and instantly ignites my cravings. Hungry or not I need to try it. It costs less than 10 euros and comes stuffed within warm bred with a garnish of fresh salad sprinkled with onion, lemon juice and pickles. I know, crazy combination but irresistible. So much so that I stayed in line twice just to have another bite 🙂  .

  1. Galata Tower

Well it is no brain science that the higher you get the better your views of the city will be. You just have to climb the stairs of the tower first. There is an elevator inside up to the seventh floor but the last two floors will test your strength. There is also a restaurant / café up here with magnificent view of Istanbul and the Bosphourus. At night, depending on the amount of energy left after a day walk one can even go to the night club of the Galata Tower and you are in for a Turkish show at its best. For now I just settle for the spectacle of the city in the sunset light. For more than 15 minutes the whole atmosphere glows with red, orange, yellow and blue. City lights welcomed the last rays of light putting on a gilded coat. And for one second there I didn’t dare move for fear of not ruining the moment.

  1. Bosphourus shores alongside Sultanahmet district

DSC_2290Nothing better than an evening stroll beneath the ancient walls of the Sultanahmet intricate buildings. The river turns reddish under the sunset lights giving way to a bright night. On my left the faint shade of a full moon starts appearing over the river. I stop and sit for a while. On the horizon the shores burn with color pierced only by the grayish silhouette of the mosques. It’s so easy to feel like in a fairytale.

  • How about stopping the time for a while? Can we do that?
  • Yes sure, he says. Than takes out the camera and starts photographing.

There Red, I stopped it forever …

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