Don’t miss out on spring sales at the annual Travel Fair Romania – TTR

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Are you in the travel mood?  The annual editions of the national Travel Fair of Romania – TTR (held at Romexpo, in Bucharest) – is given you each spring and autumn the advantage of Early Booking packages from all travel agencies alongside offers of up to 40 % discount. While you’re there though, here’s something to keep in mind when looking for the perfect vacation. 

What you should know before buying a package deal: 

1. Take time and walk around through the stands for a clearer idea on the destinations deals. Get as many offers as you can from several travel agencies to make a comparison. At this point in time travel agencies have an obligation to provide you with essential information, in addition to price: destination, means of transport, accommodation, meal services offered, itinerary etc .

2. Check carefully the hotel you want to stay in, in the EU hotel classification standards are a little ambiguous. In other words, there may be differences between what is means a 3* or 4* hotel in your country home and the same 3* or 4* hotel in another area. Ask for clear information about what exactly is included in the services offered by the hotel you desire.

3. All agencies are required to sign a written contract for the travel packages offered. The contract will contain a strictly regulated format and will provide you with a number of useful consumer information before travelling. You will also receive information about the country in which you go on holiday, so you will not have unpleasant surprises: check the passport status, the traffic rules, and most important – behaviour policies etc.

4. Sign a medical insurance valid for the entire journey. The insurance can take the form of your European Health Insurance card or be regular medical insurance signed with a private firm.

5. If you think about booking online than check out as much information about the travel agency offering services. Just to be safe, before buying a holiday online, carefully check the forums posts and recommendations about the agency and also take a look at its financial activity on the Ministry of Finance website.

So, if you have decided to buy a holiday and have more unanswered questions just stop by the ECC Romania stand where their lawyers are ready to answer for free all your questions and offer extra travel tips.

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