Don’t miss out on the first floating village of Romania

Alina Francisk ⋆

As summer ends and autumn begins we hit the road to check out a new hot spot for nature lovers: the Danube Gorge ( Clisura Dunarii ) and the first ever floating village in our country. Our motivation: a weekend spent above the water, in a suspended holiday home. Accommodation per night costs between 200 and 250 lei ( 50 euros) but it is worth every penny as the surrounding landscape is a true marvel.

So we stop in the small town of Berzasca, where on July 2016 the first 15 wooden houses hanging over the water were opened to the public, part of the’  The right to enjoy the Danube ” project. From this place, one can admire the Danube undisturbed, this lacustrine resort allowing you to forget for a while all the noises of the city and simply enjoy nature and the thrilling wildlife.

DSCInside the wooden house ( 32 meters usable space) you’ll find all the necessary comfort: bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom, air conditioning and TV. In addition, the sensation of stepping on the terrace to drink your morning coffee while admiring the green forest on the Serbian shore and the mesmerizing Danube River is priceless.

The project, developed with European funding, will lead to the construction of 30 wooden houses on stilts suspended above the Danube, which will be connected by pontoons, forming two islands: the Egret and the Pelican. Among them two swimming pools will be built – one for adults and one for children- benefiting from a restaurant where you can enjoy the local cuisine. The project also includes the constructions of alleys, a promenade, a marina and a bicycle trail.

For now, the place is ideal if you want to get away from the city, enjoy wild, unspoiled landscape, without worrying about the hustle of everyday life. Our advice: pack some anti-mosquito tablets (they are still here and really annoying!), arm yourself with the photo camera (it would be a shame to miss out on the landscape and the wildlife) and enjoy the tranquility of the place (that’s if you can ignore the frogs, they are pretty loud J ).

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