Oslo – an unforgettable city

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Although I would like to think that I do not have any preconceptions, apparently when it comes to seeing Norway and meeting the Norwegians I admit I was misled in my ideas. I had visited several countries in Europe before but never been up north. It just happened that my first visit here was at the beginning of September, when the day and the night are equal and the sun is always up in the sky. It makes you feel good, especially when you stay for a drink in one of the port terraces. Or when you go see the surroundings by water and in all the times you are enjoying the Oslo Opera terrace, admiring the incredible mix of traditional and modern, nature conservation and expansion of civilization.

Oslo is one of the few cities in the world where there was a referendum on whether to cut down the fjord to build houses, after the real estate crisis hit. The population rejected the proposal and the construction of buildings in the port was done by dismantling an old doc.

For a long time I thought that the Latinos are the friendliest nation but apparently I was wrong. In Oslo I can truly say that I met some of the most polite, calm and relax people.

I ate the best fish, I saw one of the coolest jazz clubs, I noticed the most beautiful and smiling children, I saw what darkness means at 16.00 or the light at 23.00. Then walked to the Vikings museum, admired the paintings of Edvard Munch and  discovered the amazing Scandinavian painters. Great! On my bucket list I put also the controversial work of artist Gustav Vigeland and later went to roam the streets. I tell you honestly that I felt safer that back home in Bucharest. All was quiet & peaceful. I felt so good that I even had the courage to sing in a karaoke club for the first time 🙂 !

Now let’s be romantic: if you want to see gorgeous sunsets go on the 34th floor of the Hotel Radisson Blu Sky bar. And in the winter garden of the Hotel Bristol I swear they have the best hot chocolate you can drink in Oslo. Also in the category Best of – I ate the best fried almonds at the Christmas market. In short, I fell in love with a wonderful city. You’ll always find something to do here, you’ll be amazed, it will surprise you even if at first glance it does not seem at all that spectacular. In fact, I think this city is “dangerous” precisely by not breathtaking you from the start. But step by step is seducing your soul and makes you fall in love with it. A love that stays for a life time.

 What I recommend in Oslo:

Radisson Blu Sky Bar

The National Gallery

Vigeland Park

Kon-Tiki Museum

Oslo Opera House

Nobel Peace Center

Munch Museum

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